Grandma s Kitchen Goes Green

... (sometimes known as Polenta) Humus White Bean Dip 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 53 54 Black-Eyed Peas 2 cups black-eyed
peas 6 cups water Grandma's Kitchen Goes Green Vegetables and Legumes.

Author: Laura L. Gaines

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617397783

Category: Cooking

Page: 120

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Do you crave the hearty flavors of soul food but want a healthier alternative? Grandma's Kitchen Goes Green is the answer. Inspired by her family's traditional Sunday dinners and influenced by her work with the founding chefs of Soul Vegetarian, author Laura L. Gaines shares her personal stories and thoughts on cooking, and shows readers how meat-free cuisine can be 'soul delicious.' Filled with fond anecdotes and family photographs alongside tempting recipes and full-color images, this cookbook provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare healthful, soul-satisfying dishes that are sure to become favorites in your own family. Laura trained with the founding chefs of Soul Vegetarian, an international restaurant chain established in 1983, and was president and head chef at Soul Vegetarian West in Los Angeles, California. She is also the co-founder of numerous sustainable lifestyle businesses and has experience working in health care management and health and nutrition media. She currently lives with her husband in greater metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gabby and Grandma Go Green

Monica Wellington. Back in Grandma's kitchen, they wash and dry, slice and cut.
They make their sandwiches, wrap them up, and are ready to go. Use cloth noo
instead of pop” ----- solor *::::::::: * Hiiunila: liiiniiniii *Too Hiiiiiiniii. * -

Author: Monica Wellington

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101646908

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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When Gabby and Grandma get together, "Green Day" means "Fun Day." From sewing their own cloth bags and buying vegetables at the Farmers' Market to recycling their bottles, these two know how to have a good time while doing good things for the earth. The illustrations in Monica Wellington's popsicle-bright palette-enhanced with myriad shades of green-result in a perfectly "green" addition to her books for the very young.

From Grandmas Kitchen

Green Pea Salad Carol Murphy La Grande, OR A sure way to get the kids to eat
their vegetables! Combine all ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Chill before
serving. Serves 6. Summertime Egg Salad Janet Isom Paragould, AR Served on

Author: Gooseberry Patch

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781936283637

Category: Cooking

Page: 228

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Grandma's kitchen is full of wonderful memories of hearty meals, yummy breads, delicious desserts...From Grandma's Kitchen cookbook captures the tastiest recipes that have been passed down through the years. Try family favorite recipes like blueberry breakfast cake, country biscuits & eggs, baked potato soup, best beef brisket, stuffed cabbage rolls, vanilla drop cookies, golden bread pudding and more. The cheery art inside will even remind you of Grandma's apron! Filled with quick & easy ideas for making memories with loved ones, this cookbook is one to treasure.

Secrets from Grandma s Kitchen

Grandma always used to give each of us two cans of black-eyed peas at
Christmas, to serve on New Year's Day for a new year of prosperity. ... Sometimes
I make chili-cheese cornbread to go with it. 5 slices bacon 1/2 c. ... Add just a little
to the oil when frying potatoes or cooking green beans for delicious country-style

Author: Gooseberry Patch

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781620932216

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

View: 124

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Secrets from Grandma's Kitchen is filled with well-loved, handed-down recipes shared by cooks across the country. Granny's Hotcakes and Eggs for a Crowd will bring 'em to the breakfast table in a hurry! Serve Summer Vegetable Soup and a basket of Corn Fritters for a simple and satisfying lunch. At dinnertime, your family will be delighted when you serve up comfort foods like Braised Swiss Steak, Grandma Ella's Chicken & Dumplings and Pork Chop-Potato Scallop, with Sharon's Freezer Slaw and Skillet-Fried Sweet Corn to round out the meal. Celebrating with friends? Secret-Recipe Shrimp Salad, Mama Meg's Stromboli, Gram's Chicken Dip and Anniversary Punch will make the get-together a big success. Of course, Grandma's desserts are not to be forgotten. Nanny's Chocolate Cupcakes, Gram's Whoopie Pies, Strawberry Shortcake Supreme and Anna Mae's No-Fail Peach Cobbler are just as good as you remember them, with an extra helping of nostalgia. Every recipe uses familiar ingredients, with easy directions and hints for success. You'll also find lots of tips for delicious cooking plus simple ideas for sharing food and fun with family & friends. So get ready to cook

Grandma and Art Got Me off the Farm

Together we carried the mattress, I, at one end and grandma at the bottom. We
got stuck in the narrow stairwell so ... “The kitchen's going to look real nice,” she
said, brushing on a light green paint. “But Grandma, the paint's the same colour,”
I ...

Author: Ethel Christensen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462836796

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 277

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Abandoned by her father and rejected by her mother, 4 year-old Jennie is taken without explanation from her kindergarten class and driven through the night to live with her grandparents. They live on a farm where gophers pop out of the ground, turkey gobblers give chase, the bathroom is in a little house near the woods, and which is austere and culturally limited. Almost from the beginning she tries to run away back to live with her mother in Minneapolis. But her grandparents, although undemonstrative, steadfastly support her. Grandpa helps her with her homework at night sitting around the kitchen table lit by a kerosene lamp, she sits on his lap, while riding the binder, and curls up with him on the sofa at nap time. She helps her Grandmother with the chickens, picking eggs and feeding the pigs. But conflicts arise. Especially with her aunt , Hilda who is spiteful and humiliating. Jennie wants to run away and find her father in Canada but all her attempts fail. As far back as in kindergarten, Jennie liked to draw. So in first grade when she was asked to draw the picture placed on the blackboard in front of the class, she worked hard to copy the exact likeness. The picture was The Last Supper. After that, she became known as the class artist. Hilda felt Jennie was wasting her time drawing and discouraged her. Reading, another of Jennie's interests, was also considered wasteful. All through high school Jennie continued to be the school artist. During this time she became attached to Frank, a future farmer with a kind, uncomplicated view of life. He loved her but knew her dream was to leave the farm and go to study art. After graduating from high school Jennie is offered a job in Washington, D. C. Her grandmother slips her thirty dollars and urges her to leave at once, before Aunt Hilda can interfere. Her new life in the city is a shock and a revelation. Jennie discovers art galleries, takes her first real art lesson using pastels, and begins to acquire a new set of goals and values. Two years later, she returns to Minneapolis and enrolls at the University of Minnesota in art. Life is a struggle as she has to work to support herself and pay for her education. While working at one of the her jobs, she meets Jim, a young psychology student who is using the G.I. Bill to attend university. Soon they marry, unknown to either Jennies' mother or her aunt Hilda. Jim is very supportive of Jennie's interest in art. Between leaving the farm and starting university a series of tragedies occurred. Her grandparents diedfirst her grandfather, then her grandmother. Earlier a favorite uncle shot himself. Another uncle died under questionable circumstances and her mother becomes committed to a mental hospital while her father remained a mystery in spite of efforts to locate him. After graduating from university, she paints and exhibits her work, exploring new directions of expression. It is not easy to find success. When galleries are either hanging her work upside down or failing to pay her, they disappear from sight. Her first real success comes from entering a painting in an exhibition in New York. Titled Subjective-Objective, the painting and received first prize. From then on Jennie's goal to become an accomplished artist plays an important part in her life. Still, she couldn't forget the farm where her uncle now lives. One day, she decided to go back to the place she'd grown up and had wanted to escape. Seeing the faded wallpaper on the upstairs hall the stippled paint walls, the empty bookcase, Jennie becomes aware she has slowly moved from the austere and culturally limited setting of the farm to a new world, one of painting, art, and intellectual interactions. She'd left the farm and could not return. Back in Toronto, Jennie walked into their condo, past th

Grandma s House

Chapter 16 Grandma's Kitchen "That was Grandma," announced my mother
hanging the receiver back on the hook. ... Up and down the rows we'd go filling
small pails with red and green delights then taking them to the waiting boxes at
the ...

Author: Andrew J. Arbuckle

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456722074

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 124

View: 364

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He was almost two years old when 'Black Monday' the stock market's Great Crash occurred. Andrew recounts a host of memories he lived throughout its aftermath. Set in the years following the Great Crash he unleashes decades old memories that fleetingly linger in the mind and heart. Travel with him from pre-school days toward his teens reliving your own cherished experiences, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and yes sometimes tearful and heart wrenching. Enhanced with original illustrations by his wife Marilyn, this book promises to be a delightful romp through personal memories for fans of all ages.

When You Say My Name Just Whisper

“What happened last night after I went to bed?” Grandma asked, coming into the
kitchen in her worn green house coat. Monica explained the evening's events as
Grandma made them some coffee. Grandma listened intently but made few ...

Author: JB Welzenbach

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493153459

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 186

View: 650

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When you say my name Just Whisper is the first of a series of nonfiction works based on four worlds existing simultaneously intertwined through a series of windows. In this first book, Val Orr is thrust from the safety and security of his home into the world of Necturn where he learns how to use powers; but not fast enough to save his sister. He then follows his sisters killers through a window to the earth world where he almost loses his life. Look closely at the picture of Val Orr. This is a very real earth person. You may have gone to school with him, saw him in the Parks of Montana, or in Seattle, or played sports against him. At the end of the book, he has to leave the earth world as he fights for his life in the battle he fought.

Grandma s Ancient Beauty Remedies From Her Kitchen

... is powerful enough to encourage skin cell growth, so rubbing your face really
hard to remove the dry pulp is going to make you look like a pink freshly plucked
chicken. Green. Grape. Juice. In the same way, applying the juice of mashed

Author: John Davidson

Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

ISBN: 9781311511539

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 55

View: 230

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Grandma’s Ancient Beauty Remedies From Her Kitchen Table of Contents Introduction Natural Kohl- eyeliner for your eyes Desi Ghee Skin Softener Turmeric for Pimples and Spots Turmeric Skin Cleanser Turmeric Exfoliator Papaya Antiwrinkle Facemask Green Grape Juice Almond Wrinkle Cure Rose Water Reducing Age Spots Skin Softener Turmeric for Pimples and Spots Turmeric Skin Cleanser Turmeric Exfoliator Papaya Antiwrinkle Facemask Green Grape Juice Almond Wrinkle Cure Rose Water Reducing Age Spots Removing Wrinkles and Fine Lines Getting Rid of Dark Circles Different Types of Facemasks Milk Facemask Nourishing and Cleansing Mask – Carrot/Turnip Potatoes Improve dull complexion Fruit Juices Oatmeal Mask Sandalwood facemask Antiwrinkle Facemasks Beauty lotions Fairness Lotion Pore Shrinking Lotion Bleaching lotion for sensitive skins Coconut Water Bleacher Cleansing Lotion Getting Rid of Sunburn Greasy Skin Tired Eyes Beauty Tips for Hair Care Simple Hair Conditioner Henna Shampoo Hair Cream Bay Rum after Shave Lotion for Men Corn Flour Hand Cream Ancient Lips Salve Conclusion Author Bio Introduction Grandma definitely did not know anything about chemical products, when she was looking for beauty remedies and natural recipes. She just used the things that were closest at hand. These included fruits, vegetables, and spices. These also included natural products like Fullers earth, oatmeal, honey, yogurt, etc. It was only in the 19th century that she began to use glycerin as an additive in natural products. Until then all her beauty recipes were passed on to her, from her grandmother, and so on down the ages. She also used to make hair pomades for grandpa, in Elizabethan times using animal fat. No wonder, grandpa did not bother much about the smelly atmosphere surrounding him in his house or outside, because after all, his scalp, and unwashed body stank as powerfully as his surroundings. Also, she painted her face with lead oxide and chalk powder in order to imitate the pale complexion of Queen Elizabeth, but that lead oxide was extremely poisonous and give her a very short life span. But then, she was just imitating her ancient Roman and Greek ancestresses who use a mixture of calcium carbonate, chalk and lead oxide to paint their faces, and then redden her lips with a red paint made up of clay and red iron oxide. In fact, this red paint on the lips was the prerogative of the Empress and her aristocratic friends in ancient Rome, though Greek women of all classes used it regularly. Also, it was allowed on women of the street in Rome. Virtuous Roman matrons never painted their lips, even though Plautus said that a woman without paint is like food without salt! Wonder about the company he kept. One really enterprising Italian Signora Toffana thought up a face powder, which would consist of chalk and arsenic. She gave her woman clients instructions to use this powder upon their faces, only when they were in the company of their husbands. When the number of husbands dying due to arsenic poisoning began to escalate, the signora was executed, but she left behind a number of very wealthy and happy widow clients. In Italy during the Middle Ages, it was fashionable to have a white skin, but golden hair was best achieved with a little bit of sun bleaching. So the ladies applied lemon juice all over their hair, and put on a wide brimmed hat to cover their faces. This wide brimmed hat, however, did not have any top. The hair was allowed to flow out of the open top, and bleach in the sun! Egyptian ladies in ancient Egypt used egg whites and honey keep their skins youthful, butter and powdered barley to prevent and remove blemishes in their skin, and all that harsh effect of the Egyptian sun, neutralized with a mixture of milk and honey applied on their faces every day. In fact, I use cream and honey with a pinch of salt, every evening.

Good Old Days in the Kitchen

Grandma & Green Tomatoes By Virginia Hearn Machir y grandmother was born
in 1867 when Andrew Johnson was / president , and died in 1944 at the age of
77 years . ... airy kitchen during a late - summer day , as she cut up green
tomatoes to make green tomato mincemeat and chowchow . ... Late in summer
before the frost , Grandma and I would go into the garden and gather all the
green tomatoes .

Author: Ken Tate

Publisher: Annie's

ISBN: 1882138392

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 667

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Back in the "Good old days" life revolved around the kitchen table, not the television. This collection of essays, stories and recipes takes us back into the kitchen of yesteryear.

Green Valley

But what she saw in Grandma's kitchen sent the words tumbling down her throat .
... And then Tommy brought her here to me to spend the night while he went and
rented that funny little box of a house just back of that stylish Mrs. Brownlee .

Author: Katharine Yirsa Reynolds

Publisher: P.D. Goodchild

ISBN: NYPL:33433076047731

Category: West (U.S.)

Page: 287

View: 158

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Blue and Green

She made coffee then poured him a cup and sat before him at the kitchen table.
Lucky added more sugar to his coffee, four teaspoons in all, then began to slurp it
noisily. He shook his head slowly then said, “I don't go for no blood, grandma, ...

Author: Wallace B. Collins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469754758

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 354

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Poems / Images are a collection of verse, and excerpts from fiction I wrote over the years, with prose narrative honed and targeted to poems to make a connective, and where possible, an explosive imagery. Obviously, the writer believes he has met the goals he sets out for himself in this book, by making an imaginary unity in sound and meaning substantive, confident all along in his credo that he is always partial to impartiality.

Galloping Green

Most days after school, I went there to help Grandma in their large garden. ... the
cabbage or lettuce head in one lunge of the fork, pulled it up by the roots, and
rode Victoriously to the kitchen door, where he presented his trophy to the maid.

Author: Marita O'Connell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781413429251

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 463

View: 497

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[Book Summary] Emigration seemed the only path to the future in 1962 when Marita O'Connell left Ireland for America with two bulging suitcases and $10 to finance her new life. Based on childhood diaries, Galloping Green: From Dear Distant Damp Dublin tells her engaging and humorous story of growing up with a mother whose family were British Protestants, and an Irish Catholic father with colorful republican ancestry. The second half shows Marita searching for a better life in America and recounts how her invincible spirit helped her to overcome numerous hurdles in her quest. Through example, Galloping Green shows readers that no matter what life presents, there is always another path "where the air will smell fresh and the sun will warm your face."

Errand of Angels

70 71 Planting More Than Flowers © Robert Duncan. For print information call 1
800 282 0954 or go to www.robertduncanstudios. 72 73 Sunday Afternoon • Jim
7« 79. Sunday Morning © Jim Daly. 10 11 Grandma's Kitchen © Donna Green.



ISBN: 1598113410

Category: Motherhood


View: 911

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Don t Be Give Up

Grandma's lonesome, so Mama lets me go to Grandma's whenever I want. I don't
go into the front room because when I see the rocker, I feel sad, so I stay in the
kitchen. While Grandma crochets, she lets me play with her button box. Spilling ...

Author: Shirley Skufca Hickman

Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1589610105

Category: Fiction

Page: 476

View: 159

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The story of a young girl growing up in a Colorado coal mining town during World War II. Seen through the eyes of a young girl, history and narrative merge to explore the war on the Home Front. At first the war is exciting for Shirley and her sisters as they play spies, war games with icicles, buy War Bond stamps, and "can" dirt for winter mud pies.

Grandma s Ways For Modern Days

Invariably the petals went black, and eventually worked themselves loose in the
sink. ... Essentially you take all the bits of soap left in the kitchen and bathroom
before they vanish away into uselessness and pat them dry. ... A lot of people
used to buy green soap and grate it to melt with collected soap at a ratio of 50:50.

Author: Diana Peacock

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781848034075

Category: House & Home

Page: 160

View: 475

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Grandma's Ways represents a large repository of knowledge that we have mostly forgotten. With a little modification for these busy modern times. Techniques for preserving food, keeping hens and bees, growing vegetables and fruit, making your own cosmetics and a host of other things will bring us not only closer to the products we enjoy, but closer to benefiting from the work we do for ourselves. There's nothing more satisfying than cooking wholesome food from scratch at home, baking your own bread, growing your own vegetables, foraging in the wild and even making your own household cleaning products. Not only will you live a more sustainable life in terms of the environment, you'll save money too.

Always Green

Grandma ' s kitchen table and complained that it was too hot and too boring ,
Grandma gave us the choice of weeding the garden or ... Walk with Ky through all
the places I cannot go, and please, please, please make him 143 ALWAYS

Author: Patti Hill

Publisher: Bethany House Pub

ISBN: 0764229389

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

View: 740

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"The Garden Gates series continues with a glimpse at how God's promises lead one woman through a season of loneliness. Both thought-provoking and fun, this second-chance romance features colorful characters, light-hearted humor, and moving spiritual theme

Country Kitchens Remembered

When I went to your Grandma Marshall ' s to help with wheat threshing , ” Effie
Hargrave told me , “ there was a table as big as a restaurant table full of ...
GREEN TOMATOES BY THE BARRELFUL Grandma ' s green grape and green
tomato ...

Author: Marilyn Kluger

Publisher: Dodd Mead

ISBN: IND:39000001196265

Category: Cooking

Page: 277

View: 865

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Shares traditional recipes for fruit, grains, vegetables, meat, game, and desserts, and describes the author's life growing up on an Indiana farm during the thirties

It s Not the Olden Days Anymore Grandma

Some had vegetables—carrots, green beans, radishes, cabbage, lettuce. I recall
going out to the back and gathering some vegetables just before lunch time. With
some additions from Ma's kitchen there would soon be cream of vegetable soup ...


Publisher: Terri Rogal


Category: Biography & Autobiography


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The Interior

You won't say anything to bim kitchen bedroom for him . It was a terrible ...
George ; each of the three was loaded with Christmas greens . The next ... I'll ask
grandpa closed grandma's door softly behind her and went forth to batile . where
it is .



ISBN: NYPL:33433003182718

Category: Chicago (Ill.)


View: 302

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Issues for Jan 12, 1888-Jan. 1889 include monthly "Magazine supplement".