In the Shadow of the Lost World

Now in the XXI century, Ilko Minev, bestseller author in Brazil and Bulgaria, places his third novel in the mysterious Mount Roraima, a mountain surrounded by legends and unexplainable facts.

Author: Ilko Minev

Publisher: Eriginal Books LLC

ISBN: 1613701098

Category: Fiction

Page: 122

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More than a century ago, British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, wrote "The Lost World", inspired by the mystery of the alluring Mount Roraima. Now in the XXI century, Ilko Minev, bestseller author in Brazil and Bulgaria, places his third novel in the mysterious Mount Roraima, a mountain surrounded by legends and unexplainable facts. Minev brings the reader an exciting adventure, in one of the most intricate places on the planet. Diamonds, wild horses, and the struggle between life and death...

Lost Worlds 2 Shadow Creatures

A world of adventure a mouse-click away .

Author: Andrew Lane

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447228042

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

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A world of adventure a mouse-click away . . . Calum Challenger is desperate to find a creature not yet discovered by anyone else. He is sure that its DNA will unlock a cure to his paralysis. But a sinister corporation called Nemor is desperate for rare DNA too. They want to make millions from it . . . and will stop at nothing to get there first. As Calum guides a group of friends in a thrilling search for a shadowy creature, it looks as if he has the upper hand. But then a spate of brutal kidnappings puts everything at risk. With Calum held hostage in New Mexico and computer-hacker Tara locked up in London, who can warn the rest of his group - ex-SAS soldier Rhino, free-runner Gecko and Natlalie, the spoilt daughter of Calum's guardian -that they are hurtling headlong into the jaws of death?

Popular World Fiction 1900 present A De

It and The Lost World are part of a well - defined literary subgenre sometimes
called “ boys ' books ” because they supposedly show how to become ... A few
critics admire the fantasy of the novel ; most think it but a shadow of The Lost
World .

Author: Walton Beacham

Publisher: Beacham Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105014747476

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 1842

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Publishing and critical history of best-selling world fiction writers; critical evaluations of selected titles.

Into the Lost World

... ledge and we held a rapid council of war . Time , as always , was the enemy .
We were only a third of the way down the route and the setting sun already lit
only the eastern arc of the hole . The rest was in shadow and the bottom in gloom

Author: David Nott


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173023314272

Category: Expedición de los Tepuís Venezolanos

Page: 186

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Sci Fi Box Set 140 Dystopian Novels Novels Space Adventures Lost World Classics Apocalyptic Tales

The War of the Worlds, The Outlaws of Mars, The Star Rover, Planetoid 127,
Frankenstein, Lord of the World, The ... on the object glass, the exact space
occupied by the shadow can be easily ascertained by means of the movable

Author: H. G. Wells

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026896951

Category: Fiction

Page: 18430

View: 733

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Enjoy this meticulously edited SF Collection, jam-packed with space adventures, dystopian apocalyptic tales and the greatest sci-fi classics: H. G. Wells: The Time Machine The War of the Worlds The Island of Doctor Moreau The Invisible Man… Jules Verne: Journey to the Center of the Earth 20.000 Leagues under the Sea The Mysterious Island… Mary Shelley: Frankenstein The Last Man Edgar Wallace: Planetoid 127 The Green Rust… Otis Adelbert Kline: The Venus Trilogy The Mars Series Malcolm Jameson: Captain Bullard Series Garrett P. Serviss: Edison's Conquest of Mars A Columbus of Space The Sky Pirate… Arthur Conan Doyle: The Professor Challenger Series Francis Bacon: New Atlantis Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland Jack London: Iron Heel The Scarlet Plague The Star Rover… Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde George MacDonald: Lilith H. Rider Haggard: King Solomon's Mines She William H. Hodgson: The House on the Borderland The Night Land… Edgar Allan Poe: Some Words with a Mummy Mellonta Tauta… H. P. Lovecraft: Beyond the Wall of Sleep The Cats of Ulthar Celephaïs Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward: 2000–1887 Equality… Mark Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Owen Gregory: Meccania the Super-State Margaret Cavendish: The Blazing World Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels William Morris: News from Nowhere Samuel Butler: Erewhon Edward Bulwer-Lytton: The Coming Race James Fenimore Cooper: The Monikins Hugh Benson: Lord of the World Fred M. White: The Doom of London Ignatius Donnelly: Caesar's Column Ernest Bramah: The Secret of the League Arthur D. Vinton: Looking Further Backward Robert Cromie: The Crack of Doom Anthony Trollope: The Fixed Period Cleveland Moffett: The Conquest of America Richard Jefferies: After London Francis Stevens: The Heads of Cerberus Percy Greg: Across the Zodiac David Lindsay: A Voyage to Arcturus Stanley G. Weinbaum: Stories from the Solar System Edward Everett Hale: The Brick Moon Abraham Merritt: The Moon Pool The Metal Monster… C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne: The Lost Continent Lewis Grassic Gibbon: Three Go Back

A MERRITT Ultimate Collection Sci Fi Books Lost World Series Fantasy Stories

Something was gathering in the doorway of the half-moon; something forming
upon its glimmering surface... fathomless black shadows were grouping
themselves into a gigantic, featureless face. No, it was not featureless, for there
were two ...

Author: Abraham Merritt

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026894629

Category: Fiction

Page: 1869

View: 639

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This meticulously edited SF & Epic Fantasy collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents: Novels: The Moon Pool The Metal Monster The Ship of Ishtar Seven Footprints to Satan The Face in the Abyss Dwellers in the Mirage Burn, Witch, Burn! Creep, Shadow! Short Stories: The Pool of the Stone God Through the Dragon Glass The People of the Pit Three Lines of Old French The Women of the Wood The Last Poet and the Robots The Drone The Fox Woman The White Road When Old Gods Wake

The Lost World of the Sarmatians

... Western Europe where Satan had clearly cut demonic features : here he was
regarded as an evil and gigantic spirit , who cast his big shadow on the entire
earth , an ominous demon very dangerous to people , a really powerful ruler of
hell .

Author: Maria Bogucka


ISBN: UOM:39015041098933

Category: Poland

Page: 200

View: 469

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Orchid Hunting in the Lost World

... buried in the thick coating of bryophytes on the trunk of the tree ; the gulley at
this point was very deep and narrow so that direct insolation of the plant was
extremely limited and for the most part the plant would be growing in deep
shadow .

Author: G. C. K. Dunsterville

Publisher: Amer Orchid Society

ISBN: STANFORD:36105001734628

Category: Orchids

Page: 280

View: 756

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The Lost World MEGAPACK

With classic stories from well-known authors like Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Arthur Conan Doyle to more recent works by Lin Carter, Don Wilcox, Eando Binder, and many others, this is the lost world collection you've been waiting ...

Author: Lin Carter

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479404230

Category: Fiction

Page: 3331

View: 447

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The Lost World MEGAPACKTM explores strange lands and peoples lost from the rest of civilization -- strange continents, hidden valleys, microscopic worlds, and underground kingdoms are just the tip of the iceberg! With classic stories from well-known authors like Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Arthur Conan Doyle to more recent works by Lin Carter, Don Wilcox, Eando Binder, and many others, this is the lost world collection you've been waiting for. Even if you're a connoisseur of lost world fiction, you'll find stories here that you've never encountered before. Or if you're new to the genre, you will find this collection a treasure-trove of fantastic fiction from cover to cover! Included are: THE LOST WORLD, by Arthur Conan Doyle PEOPLE OF THE PYRAMIDS, by William P. McGivern KING SOLOMON'S MINES, by H. Rider Haggard LAND OF THE SHADOW DRAGONS, by Eando Binder JOURNEY TO THE UNDERGROUND WORLD, by Lin Carter THE MOON POOL, by A. Merritt THE METAL MONSTER, by A. Merritt A JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH, by Jules Verne THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, by Rudyard Kipling THE DEVIL-TREE OF EL DORADO, by Frank Aubrey TERROR ISLAND, by Alex Shell Briscoe AT THE EARTH'S CORE, by Edgar Rice Burroughs PELLUCIDAR, by Edgar Rice Burroughs THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice Burroughs THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice Burroughs OUT OF TIME'S ABYSS, by Edgar Rice Burroughs UNDER THE ANDES, by Rex Stout THE MAN WHO MEASURED THE WIND, by Harold Lamb DWELLERS OF THE DEEP, by Don Wilcox VRIL, THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE, by Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton SYMZONIA: VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY, by Adam Seaborn A STRANGE MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN A COPPER CYLINDER, by James De Mille If you enjoy this book, search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see the 150+ entries in the MEGAPACKTM ebook series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns, classics, adventure stories, and much, much more! The MEGAPACKTM ebook series name is a trademark of Wildside Press, LLC.

The Lost World

In the great moonlight clearings I slunk along among the shadows on the margin .
In the jungle I crept forward , stopping with a beating heart whenever I heard , as I
often did , the crash of breaking branches as some wild beast went past .

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle


ISBN: UVA:X000741604

Category: Adventure stories, English

Page: 324

View: 510

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Rumors from the Lost World

They embraced , grappled like wrestlers in dim light and huge rolling shadows of
ferns . Gilbert quickly worked his way behind him , an old service trick , and
tripped him up . Sidney was stronger than Gilbert thought , but even at the start
his ...

Author: Alan Davis


ISBN: UCSC:32106010332671

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

View: 854

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"He has an original talent, a feel for action, a sparse yet vivid style, a sharp satirical sense, a keen eye and ear for the follies of the age."--Walker Percy,The Moviegoer

The Lost World of the Impressionists

On another occasion , he set out from Argenteuil towards Bezons and painted
Basin at Argenteuil , in which a row of old plane trees lends immense depth to the
composition and casts a dark , melancholy shadow along the length of the ...

Author: Alice Bellony-Rewald

Publisher: Smithmark Pub

ISBN: 0831795212

Category: Art

Page: 288

View: 823

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Paintings, photographs, and documents recreate the world of impressionists including Cezanne and Degas as well as describe the life-styles and landscapes of an era dying under the weight of industrialization
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Images of a Lost World

One picture ( lost or destroyed during World War II and known only from a
photograph ) is unusually quiet for his artistic ... object and interprets the
movements in the figures , while rich sepia washes add a dramatic play of light
and shadow .

Author: Halina Nelken

Publisher: I.B. Tauris

ISBN: UOM:39015022021433

Category: Art

Page: 143

View: 414

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Images of a Lost World is a moving and important book. It shows how, from 1770 to 1945, major Polish artists depicted Jews as familiar figures integrated into the Polish landscape. By about 1650, more than half of world Jewry lived within the boundaries of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and as late as 1939 Jews still made up nearly 10 per cent of the reborn Polish state. Their world was destroyed for ever by the Nazi mass murder of Polish Jews. Here that world is brought vividly to life through over 250 works of art, many of them reproduced in colour. Halina Nelken, a well-known art historican, places these pictures in their artistic, social and political context. Images of a Lost World is a striking tribute to a complex civilization, the civilization of Polish Jewry. -- from back cover.
Posted in: Art

Woodrow Wilson and the Lost World of the Oratorical Statesman

The leading politicos of Gilded Age America never fully escaped the shadow cast
by the great orator - statesmen of the antebellum era . For some , the story of their
gallant leadership would become as mystical and full of romance as the tales ...

Author: Robert Alexander Kraig


ISBN: WISC:89070538764


Page: 1188

View: 105

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The Lost World of the Moa

These are placed in the context of the total fauna, where ducks, gruids, and even bats followed an evolutionary path towards flightlessness.

Author: T. H. Worthy

Publisher: University of Canterbury

ISBN: 1877257214

Category: Science

Page: 768

View: 602

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The Lost World of the Moa investigates one of the richest and most unusual faunas in the world: one that thrived in isolation for 80 million years, but in the past two millennia has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory. In one of the most dramatic extinctions of modern times, half of these species were removed from the planet forever- including the moas, those famous giant, flightless birds found only in New Zealand. Trevor Worthy and Richard Holdaway summarise all that is at present known about the various species of moa, and reconstruct their life and ecology. Then they discuss Haast's eagle, the only predator of adult moa. Paying particular attention to the more interesting and unique forms known only or largely from the fossil record, Worthy and Holdaway describe the primary herbivores, the top predator and other species. These are placed in the context of the total fauna, where ducks, gruids, and even bats followed an evolutionary path towards flightlessness. Wonderful as these species were, most were ill prepared to face the immigrant predators - ; first, rats brought by human visitors; then humans themselves and their other mammals. Copiously illustrated and carefully documented from the most current scientific research, this book reconstructs a fascinating evolutionary experiment that survived all manner of climatic and geological change, only to succumb on contact with the outside world.

1939 the Lost World of the Fair

One heard everywhere , throughout the world , the ringing of whetstone on steel .
” Disembodied and set down in the suburban forest , with hemlocks moving in the
breeze and squirrels stopped still in brilliant blue shadows on the snow , her ...

Author: Professor David Hillel Gelernter


ISBN: UOM:39015066418479

Category: History

Page: 418

View: 126

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Offers a compelling portrait of the 1939 World's Fair in New York City, examining its pivotal post-Depression and pre-World War II climate and citing its role in history and international relations. 30,000 first printing. Tour.

Lost Worlds

AT ABOUT NOON on 24 August A . D . 79 , after some days of rumbling and A
slight earth tremors , Mount Vesuvius ... But at the town of Pompeii , nestling in
the shadow of the volcano , the northerly wind which had pinned Pliny the Elder '
s ...

Author: Alastair Service

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: UOM:39015001525800

Category: Antiquities

Page: 201

View: 274

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The Lost World of Hindustani Music

Author's anecdotes and impression on the life and musical genius of musicians of Hindustani music style.

Author: Kumāraprasāda Mukhopādhyāẏa

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 0143061992

Category: Hindustani music

Page: 354

View: 857

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Author's anecdotes and impression on the life and musical genius of musicians of Hindustani music style.

Rendezvous on a Lost World

Then she turned and fled back into the shadow of the great dark house . I never
saw her again . CHAPTER TEN A Few days later I found myself nearing the end
of the trail . It was twilight in Charin , hot and reeking with the gypsy glare of fires ...

Author: Arthur Bertram Chandler


ISBN: STANFORD:36105021729327

Category: Life on other planets

Page: 106

View: 880

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The Lost World of Oduduwa

Unfortunately though , harlots were going to enjoy the season too with extra
customers of their trade and by nightfall under the shadows , at the alleys and
corners , they lined the paths making secret signals and taking their customers
into the ...

Author: Seun Ayoade


ISBN: IND:30000085283368

Category: Yoruba (African people)

Page: 61

View: 731

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