Must You Go

He looked atmewith those amazing, extremely bright black eyes.'Must yougo?' he said. I thought ofhome, mylift, taking thechildren toschoolthe next morning, ...

Author: Antonia Fraser

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780297859932

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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A unique testimony to modern literature's most celebrated and enduring marriage. 'I first saw Harold across a crowded room, but it was lunchtime, not some enchanted evening, and we did not speak.' When Antonia Fraser met Harold Pinter she was a celebrated biographer and he was Britain's finest playwright. Both were already married - Pinter to the actress Vivien Merchant and Fraser to the politician Hugh Fraser - but their union seemed inevitable from the moment they met: 'I would have found you somehow', Pinter told Fraser. Their relationship flourished until Pinter's death on Christmas Eve 2008 and was a source of delight and inspiration to them both until the very end. Fraser uses her Diaries and her own recollections to tell a touching love story. But this is also a memoir of a partnership between two of the greatest literary talents, with fascinating glimpses into their creativity and their illustrious circle of friends from the literary, political and theatrical world.

Must I Go

of my life has been about Lucy—I only now understand it). My daughters and daughters-in-law. ... I've never asked anyone, not even Lucy: Must you go?

Author: Yiyun Li

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241978696

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Richly expansive and deeply moving, an intimate novel of secret lives and painful histories from one of the finest storytellers we have 'This brilliant novel examines lives lived, losses accumulated, and the slipperiness of perception. Yiyun Li writes deeply, drolly, and with elegance about history, even as it's happening. She is one of my favorite writers, and Must I Go is an extraordinary book.' Meg Wolitzer Lilia Liska is 81. She has shrewdly outlived three husbands, raised five children and seen the arrival of seventeen grandchildren. Now she has turned her keen attention to a strange little book published by a vanity press: the diary of a long-forgotten man named Roland Bouley, with whom she once had a fleeting affair. Increasingly obsessed by this fragment of intimate history, Lilia begins to annotate the diary with her own rather different version of events. Gradually she undercuts Roland's charming but arrogant voice with an incisive and deeply moving commentary. She reveals to us the surprising, long-held secrets of her past. And she returns inexorably to her daughter, Lucy, who took her own life at the age of 27. Must I Go is an unconventional epistolary novel, a gleefully one-way correspondence between the very-much-alive Lilia and the long-departed Roland. Though mortality is ever-present, this is ultimately a novel about life, in all its messy glory. Life lived, for the extraordinary Lilia, absolutely on its own terms. With exquisite subtlety and insight, Yiyun Li navigates the twin poles of grief and resilience, loss and rebirth, that compass a human heart.

I Must Go Back for Tomorrow

You should tell him that you noticed the same car the other day when you guys were taking a walk and this morning it was across the street and that ...

Author: Jeanne Amersfoort

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449752798

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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"Doctor, I've been on the pill for years and you're telling me I'm pregnant?" A few weeks later, her doctor recommends Lola to have an abortion because of fetus distress. She says, "No way!" Lola sees the life of her now-grown daughter, young, healthy, brilliant, and successful, slowly being dissolved by drugs. Her daughter's living death and the horrors that come along for a free ride to hell are all but consuming Lola, her husband, and their other daughter and her family as well. One morning, Lola reads an article about a scientific project experimenting with time travel. Secretly, Lola volunteers to travel back in time thirty years, to the day she turned down the abortion. This time she takes the doctor's advice. Returning, she finds the undoing of her daughter is causing unimaginable consequences and horrors, touching her family and many others. Lola believes the only way out is to go back and undo what she has done. However, it seems that may not be possible. She calls on God to please open the way for her to undo the hell she herself has brought to pass by undoing what God had created. She cries out, "I must go back for tomorrow." Lola finds that God's grace and mercies are more than enough to deal with her daughter's trials-all the way to victory!

You Must Go and Win

“So then you must be the Sinéad O'Connor one?” “Um—” I said, finding it ... “Why don't you go ahead and set up over there while I finish some things.

Author: Alina Simone

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429968559

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

View: 415

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In the wickedly bittersweet and hilarious You Must Go and Win, the Ukrainian-born musician Alina Simone traces her bizarre journey through the indie rock world, from disastrous Craigslist auditions with sketchy producers to catching fleas in a Williamsburg sublet. But Simone offers more than down-and-out tales of her time as a struggling musician: she has a rapier wit, slashing and burning her way through the absurdities of life, while offering surprising and poignant insights into the burdens of family expectations and the nature of ambition, the temptations of religion and the lure of a mythical Russian home. Wavering between embracing and fleeing her outsized and nebulous dreams of stardom, Simone confronts her Russian past when she falls in love with the music of Yanka Dyagileva, a Soviet singer who tragically died young; hits the road with her childhood friend who is dead set on becoming an "icon"; and battles male strippers in Siberia. Hailed as "the perfect storm of creative talent" (USA Today, Pop Candy), Simone is poised to win over readers of David Rakoff and Sarah Vowell with her irresistibly funny and charming literary debut.

Where I Must Go

You'd better tell Mr. Bloodsucker leeches went out of style centuries ago,” ... Cletus sounds so reasonable, even though everybody should know family ...

Author: Angela Jackson

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 9780810151857

Category: Fiction

Page: 385

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Story of Magdalena Grace, from her time at the racially exclusive atmosphere of fictional Eden University to the black neighborhoods of a midwestern city to her ancestral Mississippi.

Father I Must Go

mind, my soul and fills me with gladness; I miss those times and I don't want to ... I must let you go, free to travel the road you have chosen to take; ...

Author: Pierce Kelley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1450280749

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

View: 312

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This book is about Jorge Frias, a Mexican from the Yucatan Peninsula. For almost twenty years he lived and worked in the United States without proper papers and was, therefore, an illegal alien. After being caught, he was allowed to voluntarily depart our country a couple of years ago. This is a story of how he managed to gain entry to this country illegally on many occasions, why he did it and what he did while here. In writing the book my intention was, in large part, to shed some light on the immigration issue, since it is a topic being hotly debated in Congress and across the country at the present time. In doing so, I also address U.S.-Mexican relations over the years and Jorges heritage. He is a Mestizo, which means he has the blood of the Spanish, the Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Mexico in him. He now lives in Playa del Carmen and takes tourists on guided tours of Mayan temples, among other things. He is also a poet.

Everything Must Go

I have to ask,” a disembodied, unidentifiable voice says, “what detergent do you use?You just smell so clean.” “I noticed it, too,” an enthusiastic ...

Author: Elizabeth Flock

Publisher: MIRA

ISBN: 9781426806445

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 328

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To those on the outside, the Powells are a happy family, but then a devastating accident destroys their fragile facade. When seven- year-old Henry is blamed for the tragedy, he tries desperately to make his parents happy again. As Henry grows up, he is full of potential—a talented sportsman with an academic mind and a thirst for adventure—but soon he questions if the guilt his parents have burdened him with has left him unable to escape his anguished family or their painful past. With a delicate touch and masterful attention to detail, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Flock invites us to meet a man both ordinary and extraordinary, and to experience a life that has yet to be lived.

Rodney Hartman The Show Must Go On

What's more, Fifa is able to appeal to the masses, which is more thanyou can sayfor the ANC. ... You go toFifa and ask them if it'sokay.

Author: Kevin Ritchie

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 9780143527879

Category: Sports & Recreation


View: 612

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Rodney Hartman was all things to sports journalism: informed and knowledgeable writer, editor, teacher, biographer, mentor, sounding board and confidant. When the news came on the morning of the 19th of May 2010 that he had lost his long battle with cancer, tributes began to pour in from all who had known and respected him. Rodney ('Rodders' or 'Harters' to those who knew him best) had an indelible influence on South African sports journalism and, indeed, journalism as a whole. Collected in Rodney Hartman: The Show Must Go On are some of Rodney's best columns from his time at The Star, pieces which editor Moegsien Williams describes as 'essential reading for anyone interested in sport and a master class for aspiring young journalists'. With a Foreword by Ali Bacher and Essays by Archie Henderson, Kevin McCallum and Kevin Ritchie.

The Show Must Go On

I confronted her and asked what would happen if she hit another car, ... They usually are when you go through the rigors of making a pilot that gets on the ...

Author: Douglas Snauffer

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786455047

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 228

View: 432

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A powerful, behind-the-scenes look at some of America’s all-time favorite television programs during their darkest hours, this study examines how various hit series have absorbed the death of a lead actor during production. Although each television program eventually resumed production, the lead actor’s death in each case had a profound impact on the surviving cast and crew and the future of the show itself. Individual chapters explore the events surrounding the deaths of Freddie Prinze (Chico and the Man), John Ritter (8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter), Redd Foxx (The Royal Family), Nicholas Colasanto (Cheers), Phil Hartman (NewsRadio), and many others. Their stories are told through first-hand accounts by those who knew them best, including many of the most talented actors, producers, writers, and directors in television over the past forty years.

The Show Must Go On

Ειπε:: Η: you told to just got So just go-Tho world you :ιι-πιο.: up 1was αν:: πιάτο. Η was πιο:: protoctod so just πι:: ως:: all th: promisos you mado.

Author: Samantha Jewel

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781434361554

Category: Fiction

Page: 116

View: 880

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LIFE'S A LAUGHIN' MATTER. A BRIEF REVIEW From a fire in the barn, a ride down crocus lane, a drive to Vegas and back to a series of adventures leading Benjamin Bratt into adulthood, there is something for everyone in Jay Bernard's second book: LIFE'S A LAUGHIN' MATTER. Benjamin ("Ben" to his friends) is a boy who grew up on the farm. During his teens, he gets into, and out of more troubles than one could imagine, before deciding it's time to leave school and go to work. He tries his hand at a few jobs, and even climbs the rungs to management, until he realizes there is no point in all of this unless he can make a difference in the world'. By then he is twenty-one years old. The path he chooses to reach his goal, and make a difference, is to become a teacher. Going to college, however, involves a lot of work, studying, while getting into scrapes with the law and disorder' and even enlisting in the Army Reserves hoping to spend his summers outdoors where he learns to peel potatoes, among other things. After graduation; finally becoming the teacher he wanted to be; Ben settles down, gets married, refuses to do any house painting (!) and cedes his knack for adventure to his son Chris and after sixteen years of marriage, Ben and his wife, Storm, decide to take a holiday' alone. And that is the ride no one would want to take Jay's latest book is a must read'. It is funny, hilarious, or dramatic, emotional, and at times, it deals with some of life's very serious issues. You will not want for Life's A Laughin' Matter to end on the last page And it won't Jay's third book is already in the works I can hardly wait to get into it. Roxane Christ Author and Editor Editor of "La Paracléte"

Ghana Must Go

“It must be time for dinner.” Though it wasn't. Thirty minutes yet. “Your mother will want to hear all about class. You go ahead.” “You're not coming?

Author: Taiye Selasi

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780670919895

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 675

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A stunning novel, spanning generations and continents, Ghana Must Go by rising star Taiye Selasi is a tale of family drama and forgiveness, for fans of Zadie Smith and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This is the story of a family -- of the simple, devastating ways in which families tear themselves apart, and of the incredible lengths to which a family will go to put itself back together. It is the story of one family, the Sais, whose good life crumbles in an evening; a Ghanaian father, Kweku Sai, who becomes a highly respected surgeon in the US only to be disillusioned by a grotesque injustice; his Nigerian wife, Fola, the beautiful homemaker abandoned in his wake; their eldest son, Olu, determined to reconstruct the life his father should have had; their twins, seductive Taiwo and acclaimed artist Kehinde, both brilliant but scarred and flailing; their youngest, Sadie, jealously in love with her celebrity best friend. All of them sent reeling on their disparate paths into the world. Until, one day, tragedy spins the Sais in a new direction. This is the story of a family: torn apart by lies, reunited by grief. A family absolved, ultimately, by that bitter but most tenuous bond: familial love. Ghana Must Go interweaves the stories of the Sais in a rich and moving drama of separation and reunion, spanning generations and cultures from West Africa to New England, London, New York and back again. It is a debut novel of blazing originality and startling power by a writer of extraordinary gifts. 'Ghana Must Go is both a fast moving story of one family's fortunes and an ecstatic exploration of the inner lives of its members. With her perfectly-pitched prose and flawless technique, Selasi does more than merely renew our sense of the African novel: she renews our sense of the novel, period. An astonishing debut' Teju Cole, author of Open City Taiye Selasi was born in London and raised in Massachusetts. She holds a B.A. in American Studies from Yale and an M.Phil. in International Relations from Oxford. "The Sex Lives of African Girls" (Granta, 2011), Selasi's fiction debut, appears in Best American Short Stories 2012. She lives in Rome.

The Show Must Go On

As the windscreen became less see- through, Mr Rose slowly, but perceptibly, began to lean forward and squint to see where we were going.

Author: Bernard Ross

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781785380594

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 149

View: 237

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"running away from home" aged 15 Bernard Ross joined a travelling funfair, this book follows his adventures as one of the last live funfair wrestlers in the UK

The Show Must Go On Popular Song in Britain During the First World War

The music-hall song 'We Don't Want to Lose You, But We Think You Ought to Go' was parodied as: we don't want your loving And we think you're awfully slow To ...

Author: Dr John Mullen

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472441591

Category: Music

Page: 264

View: 259

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Using a collection of over one thousand popular songs from the war years, as well as around 150 soldiers’ songs, John Mullen provides a fascinating insight into the world of popular entertainment during the First World War. He considers the position of songs of this time within the history of popular music, and the needs, tastes and experiences of their working-class audiences. He assesses the different genres of musical entertainment which were common in the war years and presents a subtle and nuanced approach to the nature of popular song, the ways in which audiences related to the music and the effects of the competing pressures of commerce, propaganda, patriotism, social attitudes and the progress of the war.

The Show Must Go on Seeing Someone If Walls Could Talk

I know you do , Ed . ( Hearing her compassionate tone , slowly , Ed looks up from his book . ... Let's just - all be troupers and carry on , shall we ?

Author: Laurence Klavan

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 0822210258

Category: Drama

Page: 65

View: 154

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THE STORIES: The first play, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, cleverly mixes up sitcoms and real life by presenting us with an ostensibly authentic suburban family in which all the members read their lines from a stilted and hilariously dismal script. Trouble

I Must Go Down to the Beach Again

... Blake (“Love's Secret”) Never try to smell a bee Or put peach jelly on your knee, And if a bear sleeps near a tree, Make sure you walk by carefully.

Author: Karen Jo Shapiro

Publisher: Charlesbridge

ISBN: 9781607342632

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 114

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A collection of classic poems with a humorous twist.

The Road We Must Travel

Should you invite him along one day? Yes! By all means! Move into his world. Go to lunch with him. When you get to Subway and you both sit down with your ...


Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781617953569

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 601

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Highly respected, best-selling spiritual mentors, including Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson (The Message), Bill Hybels, and others, provide guidance as you navigate uncharted roads ahead.

Roger Langridge s The Show Must Go On

WE'LL HAVE Tina: To TALW. LATER. OFF YOU GO. But it.” LovELY To off You AGAIN. WHEN I SAW HER, I RErafraetrfd EVERYTHING. T.", ALL o: Flooding ".

Author: Roger Langridge

Publisher: Boom! Studios

ISBN: 9781613981641

Category: Humor

Page: 112

View: 326

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Come one, come all! Feast your eyes upon such marvels as Fred the Clown’s Flying Parsnip! See the Devil get outfoxed by the one and only Leppo! Behold the world’s greatest swordsman, the Kabuki Kid! Cower from our strobe-light-loving Undead Revue! Don’t miss the show-stopping song and dance of Frankestein Meets Shirley Temple! All this and more in this capricious collection of comics from Roger Langridge! Roger Langridge is the Harvey and Eisner Award-winning, Ignatz and Reuben Award-nominated cartoonist responsible for THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK, FRED THE CLOWN, and other breaches of good taste.

Everything Must Go

now I'm all about the middle of the night. The darker the better. I'm still deciding whether that says anything about my attitude toward aesthetics, ...

Author: Jenny Fran Davis

Publisher: Wednesday Books

ISBN: 9781250119773

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 320

View: 955

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Flora Goldwasser has fallen in love. She won't admit it to anyone, but something about Elijah Huck has pulled her under. When he tells her about the hippie Quaker school he attended in the Hudson Valley called Quare Academy, where he'll be teaching next year, Flora gives up her tony upper east side prep school for a life on a farm, hoping to woo him. A fish out of water, Flora stands out like a sore thumb in her vintage suits among the tattered tunics and ripped jeans of the rest of the student body. When Elijah doesn't show up, Flora must make the most of the situation and will ultimately learn more about herself than she ever thought possible. Told in a series of letters, emails, journal entries and various ephemera, Jenny Fran Davis's Everything Must Go lays out Flora's dramatic first year for all to see, embarrassing moments and all.

The Show Must Go On

We've only camped out in that clearing, like, a hundred times. ... Youprobably just gottheclaw at the Halloween Store.” “You wish I did,” ... “Here you go.

Author: P.J. Night

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781442429062

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 512

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Becca Hart has secretly wanted to act on stage for as long as she could remember—it's all she ever thinks about. Determined to make her dream come true Becca tries out for this year's school play, The Last Sleepover, and gets the starring role! After a few creepy incidents on set and persistent nightmares at home, Becca quickly learns that this is no ordinary school play. Is it stage fright? Or is the play haunted?