Reading Peer Review

Reading. Peer. Review. ◈ Martin Paul Eve Birkbeck, University of London Cameron Neylon Curtin University Daniel Paul OʼDonnell University of Lethbridge ...

Author: Martin Paul Eve

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108788687

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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This Element describes for the first time the database of peer review reports at PLOS ONE, the largest scientific journal in the world, to which the authors had unique access. Specifically, this Element presents the background contexts and histories of peer review, the data-handling sensitivities of this type of research, the typical properties of reports in the journal to which the authors had access, a taxonomy of the reports, and their sentiment arcs. This unique work thereby yields a compelling and unprecedented set of insights into the evolving state of peer review in the twenty-first century, at a crucial political moment for the transformation of science. It also, though, presents a study in radicalism and the ways in which PLOS's vision for science can be said to have effected change in the ultra-conservative contemporary university. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

Reading Peer Review

This unique work thereby yields a compelling and unprecedented set of insights into the evolving state of peer review in the twenty-first century, at a crucial political moment for the transformation of science.

Author: Martin Paul Eve

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 110874270X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines


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This Element describes for the first time the database of peer review reports at PLOS ONE, the largest scientific journal in the world, to which the authors had unique access. Specifically, this Element presents the background contexts and histories of peer review, the data-handling sensitivities of this type of research, the typical properties of reports in the journal to which the authors had access, a taxonomy of the reports, and their sentiment arcs. This unique work thereby yields a compelling and unprecedented set of insights into the evolving state of peer review in the twenty-first century, at a crucial political moment for the transformation of science. It also, though, presents a study in radicalism and the ways in which PLOS's vision for science can be said to have effected change in the ultra-conservative contemporary university. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

Virtual Peer Review

The actions involved in intertextual comments are reading, writing, and interacting. ... In fact, to some degree, in virtual peer review an author's writing ...

Author: Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791485248

Category: Education

Page: 197

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Offers a thorough look at peer review in virtual environments.

Peer Review

If the manuscript has been revised , a reviewer may well give it an objective appraisal . But the editor should know of the previous reading .

Author: David Shatz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742514358

Category: Philosophy

Page: 249

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Peer review is the process by which submissions to journals and presses are evaluated with regard to suitability for publication. Armed with the results of numerous empirical studies, critics have leveled a variety of harsh charges against peer review such as: reviewers and editors are biased toward authors from prestigious institutions, peer review is biased toward established ideas, and it does a poor job of detecting errors and fraud. While an immense literature has sprouted on peer review in the sciences and social sciences, Peer Review is the first book-length, wide-ranging study of peer review that utilizes methods and resources of contemporary philosophy. Its six chapters cover the following topics: the tension between peer review and the liberal notion that truth emerges when ideas proliferate in the marketplace of ideas; arguments for and against blind review of submissions; the alleged conservatism of peer review; the anomalous nature of book reviewing; the status of non-peer-reviewed publications, such as invited articles or Internet publications, in tenure and promotion cases; and the future of peer review in the age of the Internet. The author has also included several key readings about peer review.

Digital Reading and Writing in Composition Studies

The kinds of feedback that I ask of students in the peer reviews mirrors the kind of collaborative reading they perform earlier in ...

Author: Mary R. Lamb

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351052924

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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As digital reading has become more productive and active, the lines between reading and writing become more blurred. This book offers both an exploration of collaborative reading and pedagogical strategies for teaching reading and writing that reflect the realities of digital literacies. This edited scholarly collection offers strategies for teaching reading and writing that highlight the possibilities, opportunities, and complexities of digital literacies. Part 1 explores reading and writing that happen digitally and offers frameworks for thinking about this process. Part 2 focuses on strategies for the classroom by applying reading theories, design principles, and rhetorical concepts to instruction. Part 3 introduces various disciplinary implications for this blended approach to writing instruction. What is emerging is new theories and practices of reading in both print and digital spaces—theories that account for how diverse student readers encounter and engage digital texts. This collection contributes to this work by offering strategies for sustaining reading and cultivating writing in this landscape of changing digital literacies. The book is essential for the professional development of beginning teachers, who will appreciate the historical and bibliographic overview as well as classroom strategies, and for busy veteran teachers, who will gain updated knowledge and a renewed commitment to teaching an array of literacy skills. It will be ideal for graduate seminars in composition theory and pedagogy, both undergraduate and graduate; and teacher education courses, and will be key reading for scholars in rhetoric and composition interested in composition history, assessment, communication studies, and literature pedagogy.

Q Skills for Success 3E Reading Writing Level 3

Resources > Writing tools > Unit 1 > Peer Review Worksheet A. PEER REVIEW Read your partner's paragraph . Then use the peer review worksheet .

Author: Jenny Bixby

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780194836289

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 224

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A six-level paired skills series that helps students to think critically and succeed academically. The Third Edition builds on Q: Skills for Success' question-centered approach with even more critical thinking, up-to-date topics, and 100% new assessment.

Reading and Understanding Research

Publications that are not refereed do not provide the author with the services of peer review or the reader with the quality assurance produced by that ...

Author: Lawrence F. Locke

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412975742

Category: Psychology

Page: 291

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There is virtually no way to complete one's education without encountering a research report. The book that has helped demystify qualitative and quantitative research articles for thousands of readers, from the authors of the best-selling Proposals that Work, has been revised. This edition is completely reorganized to separate quantitative and qualitative research with four new distinct sections (research reports, quantitative research, qualitative research, and research reviews. The authors presume no special background in research, and begin by introducing and framing the notion of reading research within a wider social context. Next they offer insight on when to seek out research, locating and selecting the right reports, and how to help evaluate research for trustworthiness.

How to Design Write and Present a Successful Dissertation Proposal

Read. There is a lot of literature out there—good, bad, relevant, and irrelevant ... PEER REVIEWED OR NOT In the academic world, the literature is generally ...

Author: Elizabeth A. Wentz

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483323817

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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How to Design, Write, and Present a Successful Dissertation Proposal, by Elizabeth A. Wentz, is essential reading for any graduate student entering the dissertation process in the social or behavioral sciences. The book addresses the importance of ethical scientific research, developing your curriculum vitae, effective reading and writing, completing a literature review, conceptualizing your research idea, and translating that idea into a realistic research proposal using research methods. The author also offers insight into oral presentations of the completed proposal, and the final chapter presents ideas for next steps after the proposal has been presented. Taking the view that we “learn by doing,” the author provides Quick Tasks, Action Items, and To Do List activities throughout the text that, when combined, develop each piece of your research proposal. Designed primarily for quantitative or mixed methods research dissertations, this book is a valuable start-to-finish resource.

Nursing Research Reading Using and Creating Evidence

Peer review: The process of subjecting research to the appraisal of a neutral third party. Common processes of peer review include selecting research for ...

Author: Houser

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9781284110043

Category: Medical

Page: 502

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This fully updated Second Edition of Nursing Research fills the need for a research text that addresses both traditional content as well as focusing on nursing research as it is used in evidence-based practice, in systematic reviews, and in the development of clinical practice guidelines. This book will address each issue by using a framework for the chapters that is based on an evidence-based practice approach to reading, using, and conducting nursing research. The perfect resource for BSN courses! -- Provided by publisher.

Journal of International Students 2011 Vol 1 Issue 2

In terms of peer review, I get students to either post their drafts on ... By reading peers' reading responses, students learn to develop, organize, ...

Author: Krishna Bista


ISBN: 9781329595439



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How to Conduct an Effective Peer Review

A recent review process commentary published in Nature (Stiller-Reeve, 2018) actually recommends that reviewers read a submission three times, ...

Author: Gloria Barczak

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781800371767

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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This crucial book guides academics and researchers through the process of peer reviewing manuscript articles, outlining the methods and proficiencies required to write a high-quality review. Gloria Barczak and Abbie Griffin specifically highlight the importance of becoming a first-rate reviewer to early career scholars.

Essential Guide to Reading Biomedical Papers

Good for you, you are reading with scepticism. Surely the peer-review process means the reader can have confidence that an article in a peer-reviewed ...

Author: Philip D. Langton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118402252

Category: Science

Page: 352

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Essential Guide to Reading Biomedical Papers: Recognising andInterpreting Best Practice is an indispensable companion to thebiomedical literature. This concise, easy-to-follow text gives aninsight into core techniques and practices in biomedical researchand how, when and why a technique should be used and presented inthe literature. Readers are alerted to common failures andmisinterpretations that may evade peer review and are equipped withthe judgment necessary to be properly critical of the findingsclaimed by research articles. This unique book will be aninvaluable resource for students, technicians and researchers inall areas of biomedicine. Allows the reader to develop the necessary skills to properlyevaluate research articles Coverage of over 30 commonly-used techniques in the biomedicalsciences Global approach and application, with contributions fromleading experts in diverse fields

Handbook of Reading Assessment

Considering Peer - Reviewed Journals Peer - reviewed journals are professional
journals such as The Reading Teacher and Reading Research Quarterly ,
published by the International Reading Association , and Teaching Exceptional ...

Author: Sherry Mee Bell

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124058467

Category: Education

Page: 333

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Comprehensive, readable, and filled with numerous authentic examples, The Handbook of Reading Assessment addresses the continuum of reading assessments from informal, classroom-based to high-stakes formal testing. This book is unique in its comprehensive, balanced, and timely coverage of key issues and challenges in assessment of reading. Designed for use by advanced undergraduates and graduates in general education, reading education, special education, and school psychology, this much-needed resource addresses the wide range of reading assessments educators must be able to use and understand to effectively assess, instruct, and to communicate across disciplines. Separate chapters focus on informal classroom based assessment, progress monitoring, individual norm-referenced assessment, and group norm-referenced or 'high-stakes' testing. Each of these chapters concludes with useful tables listing some of the most commonly used assessments and their psychometric properties.

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts

Reading the entire paper before commenting is a good first step toward addressing peer review as a participant in a conversation. After reading the entire ...

Author: Richard Beach, Professor Emeritus of English Education, University of Minnesota

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442228740

Category: Education

Page: 320

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This book provides activities and examples that use technological tools to help students learn how to create digital texts. This book also provides a basis for creating novel classroom activities that encourage students to define purpose and audience, make textual links, collaborate, gain new perspectives, and construct identities through writing. ies.

Reading Research E Book

Use peer-reviewed sources, which are articles that experts have judged to be acceptable and relevant. To find out whether a journal is peer-reviewed, ...

Author: Barbara Davies

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781771720700

Category: Medical

Page: 96

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Ideal for both students and health professionals alike, Reading Research: A User-Friendly Guide for Nurses and Health Professionals, 6th Edition is a practical beginner-level introduction to health sciences research. The text is written in a manner that assumes you have little or no experience with analyzing published research, and provides guidelines for reading and understanding research articles. It also covers important elements of published research, such as research methods, common terminology, data analysis and results. All chapters have been updated. The book also briefly discusses common barriers to the application of research results in practice. Concise overview of health sciences-related research maximizes your study time by including all popular types of research methodologies. UNIQUE! Tips boxes provide easy-to-follow, practical suggestions for those who are new to the subject. UNIQUE! Alert! boxes warn of common assumptions made when reading research. Accompanying website provides up-to-date links for relevant research projects and other research-related sites, and offers Reader's Companion Worksheets for qualitative, quantitative, mixed method, and systematic reviews. NEW! All chapters updated with the key terms and explanation of common research methods. NEW! Content on using the web, social media and avoiding predatory journals. NEW! Expansion on applying research to improve patient outcomes helps you to understand the importance of research. NEW! Introductory overview chapter gives you a better understanding of how the book is organized and how to utilize its content.

Design and Analysis in Educational Research Using jamovi

That means reading—a lot. ... Peer review is a process wherein a manuscript is sent to multiple acknowledged experts in the area for review.

Author: Kamden K. Strunk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000414073

Category: Psychology

Page: 302

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Design and Analysis in Educational Research Using jamovi is an integrated approach to learning about research design alongside statistical analysis concepts. Strunk and Mwavita maintain a focus on applied educational research throughout the text, with practical tips and advice on how to do high-quality quantitative research. Based on their successful SPSS version of the book, the authors focus on using jamovi in this version due to its accessibility as open source software, and ease of use. The book teaches research design (including epistemology, research ethics, forming research questions, quantitative design, sampling methodologies, and design assumptions) and introductory statistical concepts (including descriptive statistics, probability theory, sampling distributions), basic statistical tests (like z and t), and ANOVA designs, including more advanced designs like the factorial ANOVA and mixed ANOVA. This textbook is tailor-made for first-level doctoral courses in research design and analysis. It will also be of interest to graduate students in education and educational research. The book includes Support Material with downloadable data sets, and new case study material from the authors for teaching on race, racism, and Black Lives Matter, available at

Reading Research Into the Year 2000

Measures of reading proficiency that help teachers improve instruc' tion. ... We use a peer review for all of our NRRC grant competitions. Who is a peer?

Author: Anne P. Sweet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135443948

Category: Education

Page: 178

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Through the years, research on reading has made enormous contributions to helping us understand how students learn to read and how teachers can best instruct them. Research continues to add to our fundamental knowledge of reading in significant ways, thus adding more pieces to the puzzle -- for example, finding answers to how students learn content in other school subjects through reading, and what strategies teachers can use to help their students do this more effectively. Reading Research into the Year 2000 describes the dynamic process that the Department of Education engages in to plan and execute a reading research agenda. It was written to inform a wide ranging public -- those who will benefit directly or indirectly, from reading research findings, including those who use research applications, as well as those who conduct the research. Moreover, it was written to make public the process of establishing a national R&D Center. Few people outside the Department of Education are aware of the procedures that are undertaken. The editors believe that if more people are "in the know," they will be more likely to participate in the entire process -- from generating research ideas to submitting applications -- and that this greater participation is essential if we are to garner divergent thinking about how to solve critical education research issues. They have made a significant step toward breaking down barriers to full participation, and paved the way for greater involvement of "non-traditional" players in competing for a national R&D Center award.

Fusion Integrated Reading and Writing

Sharing your writing with peers can help you gain valuable feedback during the revision process. Peer revision offers a fresh perspective on your writing, ...

Author: Dave Kemper

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781305537941

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 656

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FUSION: INTEGRATED READING AND WRITING, Book 2 is a developmental English book for reading and writing at the essay level. It connects the reading and writing processes so that they are fully reciprocal and reinforcing, using parallel strategies that guide students in analyzing reading to generate writing. FUSION teaches critical reading strategies in conjunction with the shared writing traits, such as main idea, details, and organization, and teaches the types of writing (including research) that students will encounter in their future courses. Grammar instruction is integrated in authentic writing, using high-interest professional and student models. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.