Rescued Kitties

As "slice-of-life" adventures of much-loved rescued kitties, the stories are delightful representations of various cultures throughout the United States and Canada. If you love cats, this book was written for you!

Author: L. Taylor

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1511624981


Page: 104

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FULL COLOR Photos - This unique collection of stories about rescued kitties is guaranteed to warm your heart. They are true stories - written by the cat owners - with lots of laughter, tears and love. As "slice-of-life" adventures of much-loved rescued kitties, the stories are delightful representations of various cultures throughout the United States and Canada. If you love cats, this book was written for you!
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Daily Dose of Dogs Aka Cats with Your Coffee

I have a small cathouse which is home to several rescued cats and kittens. The
cathouse can only accommodate a handful of kitties at a time. This Summer, we
have taken in more kitties than we have placed. There are too many cats in the ...

Author: Chrystal Parker

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469188553

Category: Religion

Page: 586

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This is, first and foremost, a book about private animal rescue. The stories are true. As a result, these pages are filled with sadness and joy, loss and hope, heartbreak and compassion. Within the stories, personalities emerge, and the love affair between author and animal is apparent. During the course of one year, the author blogs the stories from her past alongside the rescues that occur in real time. Along the way, she discovers a growing support system in the blogosphere. Those connections offer not only emotional succor but also very tangible aid. The world of private animal rescue is candidly revealed in a series of short vignettes.

High Country Homecoming Mills Boon Love Inspired Rocky Mountain Ranch Book 2

My husband and I live out in the country with three horses, two rescue dogs and a
number of rescued kitties. I've had horses since I was a little girl of six, so
whenever I start a book series set in ranch country, it makes me feel right at home

Author: Roxanne Rustand

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781474096676

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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He left a soldier...and returned a cowboy. Can Rocky Mountain Ranch make him a husband?

The Amazing Adventures of Chumley Robin Snickers and Mac

High above Mac, Snickers stretched his arms as far as they would go in an
attempt to snare the plummeting kitty. ... Much later, after the commotion had died
down, our rescued kitten was seen staring up at the rafter she had been perched
atop ...

Author: David M. Archbold

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463415181


Page: 48

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This exciting book takes readers on several adventures with four animal friends. Chumley, Robin, Snickers and Mac represent my own children, and the adventures they encounter come from real past experiences my family has shared. From discovering a lost Mayan City near Tulum, Mexico, to helping Santa pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve, the animal kids have a blast helping others when help is needed most. You will also go along with the kids as they explore a scary Halloween underground cave, and save the New Year's Eve celebration when the festivities go horribly awry. Don't miss out on how they safely bring their school bus back to the ground after it had sunk in a lake and then flew over their houses. These stories and more await the reader inside these pages. Enjoy the adventures!
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The Cat Magnet A Rescuer 39 s Collection of Cat Tales

To this day I continue to ensure that each of my rescued kittens and cats are
altered as one way to help put a small dent in this enormous problem. Rescuing
homeless stray cats has since become what I believe to be my true, God-given ...

Author: Helen B. Needham

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 1451276176

Category: Humor

Page: 254

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Diary of Mrs Kitty Trevylyan

... a royal salute ; cast on the beach a shipwrecked man , all but dying for those
he had plunged into the waves to rescue . ... a company of rescued men and
women around us then , rescued from wreck more hopeless , pouring out their
hearts ...

Author: Elizabeth Charles


ISBN: CORNELL:31924013461995


Page: 392

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One at a Time


Author: Diane Leigh

Publisher: No Voice Unheard

ISBN: 0972838708

Category: Nature

Page: 145

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Tells the stories of the animals taken into a California animal shelter during one week.

Second Chance Cats

True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us Callie Smith
Grant. greatly concerned ... However, her kittens were about four weeks old and
at least three times larger than the ones we just rescued. Also, Juno was not as ...

Author: Callie Smith Grant

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 9781493426744

Category: Pets

Page: 224

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There's no feeling quite like that of getting a second chance and a fresh start. When we adopt a homeless cat--or that cat decides to adopt us--we're not just giving one of earth's most beautiful and inscrutable creatures a chance at a good life, we're giving ourselves the gift of companionship, solace, and love. And plenty of laughter too! This heartwarming collection includes more than 30 true, contemporary stories told by a variety of writers, including Melody Carlson, Lauraine Snelling, and Kristin Billerbeck. Each feel-good story involves cat rescue, some in a typical way and others in surprising--even miraculous--ways. Sometimes the question becomes: Really, who rescued whom? A thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life, Second-Chance Cats is the purrfect companion for cozy nights, lazy weekends, and any time you need a pick-me-up.

Harper s Young People

He knew there was not a moment to old , and I am so interested in HARPER'S
YOUNG be lost , and rowed back once more as swiftly as PEOPLE ! I have not
seen many letters from THE RESCUED KITTENS . possible . Stuttgart , and I do
hope ...



ISBN: IND:30000093600660

Category: Children's periodicals, American


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Jasmine and Stars

By the time I returned home that afternoon, Baba had found a basket so large that
the kittens had to climb in if they wanted to reach ... It did not matter whether the
story involved the generosity of a saint or a pair of kittens rescued from the well.

Author: Fatemeh Keshavarz

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807831090

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 174

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In a direct, frank, and intimate exploration of Iranian literature and society, scholar, teacher, and poet Fatemeh Keshavarz challenges popular perceptions of Iran as a society bereft of vitality and joy. Her fresh perspective on present day Iran provides

Tails from the Heart

DRAM, A RESCUE by Lynn Calhoun As told to Helen Hille In the Beginning
There were five. All were completely black, four identical ... Rescued Their person
put the kittens in a box and taped it shut. After a brief car ride, the box was set
down ...

Author: Peninsula Friends Of Animals

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595518104

Category: Pets

Page: 216

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Tails from the Heart: Stories, poems and artwork features companion animals and their owners. All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to helping cats and dogs in need of homes and to providing spay/neuter clinics to stop the birth of unwanted animals.

Small Animal Pediatrics E Book

Kittens will also follow the lead of other kittens within their litter, facilitating prey
behavior and social learning. Unfortunately, often “rescuedkittens are removed
from the queen as soon as possible, setting the stage for future behavioral issues

Author: Michael E. Peterson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781437701951

Category: Medical

Page: 544

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A practical reference for the general veterinary clinician, Small Animal Pediatrics: The First 12 Months of Life compiles into a single location the latest information in the rapidly developing field of canine and feline pediatrics. Editors Michael Peterson, DVM, MS, and Michelle Kutzler, DVM, PhD, DACT are joined by more than 40 expert contributors in providing coverage from prenatal care to one year of age. For ease of use, the text is divided into four sections. A General Considerations section opens the book by covering prenatal care of the bitch and queen, birth, normal physical examinations, growth, husbandry, nutrition, care of orphans, neonatal mortality, behavior, emergency and critical care, and immunology. The second section, Common Infectious Diseases, covers bacterial, viral, fungal, rickettsial, and parasitic infections. The third section describes diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the young patient including radiology, ultrasound, aesthetic and surgical considerations, pain management, pharmacology, and clinical pathology. Finally, the fourth section covers a variety of organ systems with discussions on normal development, congenital conditions, and acquired diseases. The text also includes information that is usually difficult to find, including a pediatric formulary, care of orphan puppies, clinical pathology values, prenatal care, and normal growth and development guidelines. This book will be a significant asset to any veterinary library! Offers a practical, clinically oriented resource for the unique diagnostic and treatment challenges posed by pediatric and juvenile animal patients. Includes comprehensive coverage of all special problems encountered in pet management from birth through the first 12 months of life. Provides clear, step-by-step guidelines for important clinical procedures and techniques for the most vulnerable of small animal patients. Covers procedures such as intraosseous catheterization and fluid therapy, venipuncture, and tube feeding. Includes guidelines for designing and implementing a successful pediatric wellness program tailored to your own practice. Discusses infectious diseases in young animals, zoonotic potential, and human public health concerns. Provides key new information on puppy and kitten behavioral development including guidance for prevention and intervention for problem behaviors, the leading cause of pet euthanasia. Includes guidelines for kennel and cattery health management as well as shelter medicine health considerations. Discusses controversial health and ethical issues in veterinary pediatrics, such as ear cropping, tail docking, declawing, and early spay/neuter surgery (including both pro and con positions). Includes the latest recommendations for nutritional care of healthy and "special needs" puppies and kittens as well as the post-parturient and nursing dam. Offers an easy-to-use, well-organized format for quick and easy access to the most relevant information.

The Rescued Kitten

Edie and her friend Layla find an injured kitten on their way home from school.

Author: Holly Webb

Publisher: Pet Rescue Adventures

ISBN: 1680101226

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

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Edie and her friend Layla find an injured kitten on their way home from school.

Christmas Chimes and Other Poems

THE RESCUED KITTENS . A FACT . GO THOSE kittens must be drowned , I say ;
1 It shall be done this very day , While yet they are too young to know The fate
they bave to undergo . ' Tis all in vain for you to plead , More cats than one we do

Author: Julia M. Swift


ISBN: NYPL:33433075740674

Category: Christmas poetry

Page: 96

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The Judge s Sons

retorted Lou , who had entered the Put with the rescued kitten in her arms , while
Hivity Wits speaking : " Not if she had the blood of Hakym r eus king of England in
her veins , and Ik bett vill the stingy Rothschilds in her hi weuid sie , Kit ?

Author: Estelle D. Kendall


ISBN: OXFORD:600061172

Category: Brothers and sisters

Page: 480

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Rescued by a Horse

I feel lost and unprotected without them! Last year I lost my very protective pet
steer named Moo Cow. He weighed over two thousand pounds. I also lost my
very sweet dog named LooLoo. The very same week I also lost a kitty named
Shelby ...

Author: Cheryl Dudley

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781616081539

Category: Nature

Page: 200

View: 831

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“A moving testimony to the powerful bond we have with our horses.”—Theresa Peluso, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul

Rescued by the Magic of Christmas

Melissa lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon, with her own real-life hero husband, two
daughters, a son, two loveable but oh-so-spoiled indoor cats and a no-longer-
stray outdoor kitty that decided to call the garage home. Melissa loves to hear
from ...

Author: Melissa McClone

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426824197

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 869

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Carly Bishop hasn't celebrated Christmas for six years—not since icy Mount Hood claimed her fiancé's life and left her a widow before she was a bride. But this year, handsome Jake Porter is determined she'll enjoy herself. Jake is a mountain rescuer, big-hearted and courageous, but Carly is too scared of loving him in case she loses him. In a whirl of festive fun, sleigh rides and snowball fights, Christmas starts to weave its magic. Though it's Jake who is melting Carly's heart.

Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen

He also told me that two of the cats they'd rescued were Miss Kitty's. “I had a little
chat with her this morning, and without going into any real details, I told her that if
it wasn't for you, her cats would be dead this morning.” He shook his head.

Author: Wendelin Van Draanen

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 0307545180

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 358

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"The most winning junior detective ever in teen lit. (Take that, Nancy Drew!)" —Midwest Children's Book Review It's Sammy's birthday, which should be a good thing, except that Dorito, Sammy's cat, is missing, and while Sammy's searching for him, she finds three dead cats in dumpsters around town. Worse still, Miss Kitty, a psycho cat lady, blames Sammy when it turns out one of the dead cats belonged to her. As if Sammy didn't have enough on her hands investigating these furry felonies, her mother has a confession to make: she lied about Sammy's age so she could start her in school a year early. So—surprise!—Sammy isn't turning 14 at all, she's going to be unlucky 13 for another whole year. Better luck next year, Sammy. . . . The Sammy Keyes mysteries are fast-paced, funny, thoroughly modern, and true whodunits. Each mystery is exciting and dramatic, but it's the drama in Sammy's personal life that keeps readers coming back to see what happens next with her love interest Casey, her soap-star mother, and her mysterious father. From the Hardcover edition.


... girl of twenty , had felt as helpless in his strong arms as a baby . But forgetting
her instantly , treating her as if she were a kitten or a dog , nay , worse than one
would treat a rescued kitten , that had never happened before 6 Transatlantics.

Author: Frederick W. Wendt


ISBN: NYPL:33433075767362


Page: 219

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The Domestic Monthly

That she soon returned she braved the fire and smoke , and succeeded in
rescuing a thence is scarcely remarkable ; but that , when she was next second
kitten , which she laid beside the first . A third time carried in a bag all the way to
another ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433104830066

Category: Periodicals, United States


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