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Children on the autism spectrum can find playing with other children difficult.

Author: Joel Shaul


ISBN: 1785926500

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

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Children on the autism spectrum can find playing with other children difficult. This colourful and fun visual guide, full of examples and activities, shows how they can find common interests with their friends, peers and family, so that they can have more fun playing and hanging out together.

Trust and Trustworthiness

On this account, I trust you because I think it is in your interest to take my interests
in the relevant matter seriously in the ... sense: You value the continuation of our
relationship, and you therefore have your own interests in taking my interests ...

Author: Russell Hardin

Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation

ISBN: 9781610442718

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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What does it mean to "trust?" What makes us feel secure enough to place our confidence—even at times our welfare—in the hands of other people? Is it possible to "trust" an institution? What exactly do people mean when they claim to "distrust" their governments? As difficult as it may be to define, trust is essential to the formation and maintenance of a civil society. In Trust and Trustworthiness political scientist Russell Hardin addresses the standard theories of trust and articulates his own new and compelling idea: that much of what we call trust can be best described as "encapsulated interest." Research into the roles of trust in our society has offered a broad range of often conflicting theories. Some theorists maintain that trust is a social virtue that cannot be reduced to strategic self-interest; others claim that trusting another person is ultimately a rational calculation based on information about that person and his or her incentives and motivations. Hardin argues that we place our trust in persons whom we believe to have strong reasons to act in our best interests. He claims that we are correct when we assume that the main incentive of those whom we trust is to maintain a relationship with us—whether it be for reasons of economic benefit or for love and friendship. Hardin articulates his theory using examples from a broad array of personal and social relationships, paying particular attention to explanations of the development of trusting relationships. He also examines trustworthiness and seeks to understand why people may behave in ways that violate their own self-interest in order to honor commitments they have made to others. The book also draws important distinctions between vernacular uses of "trust" and "trustworthiness," contrasting, for example, the type of trust (or distrust) we place in individuals with the trust we place in institutions Trust and Trustworthiness represents the culmination of important new research into the roles of trust in our society; it offers a challenging new voice in the current discourse about the origins of cooperative behavior and its consequences for social and civic life. A Volume in the Russell Sage Foundation Series on Trust

Talking to Strangers

On this account, I trust you because I think it is in your interest to take my interests
in the relevant matter seriously in the ... sense:You value the continuation of our
relationship, and you therefore have your own interests in taking my interests ...

Author: Danielle Allen

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226014685

Category: Political Science

Page: 286

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"Don't talk to strangers" is the advice long given to children by parents of all classes and races. Today it has blossomed into a fundamental precept of civic education, reflecting interracial distrust, personal and political alienation, and a profound suspicion of others. In this powerful and eloquent essay, Danielle Allen, a 2002 MacArthur Fellow, takes this maxim back to Little Rock, rooting out the seeds of distrust to replace them with "a citizenship of political friendship." Returning to the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision of 1954 and to the famous photograph of Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock Nine, being cursed by fellow "citizen" Hazel Bryan, Allen argues that we have yet to complete the transition to political friendship that this moment offered. By combining brief readings of philosophers and political theorists with personal reflections on race politics in Chicago, Allen proposes strikingly practical techniques of citizenship. These tools of political friendship, Allen contends, can help us become more trustworthy to others and overcome the fossilized distrust among us. Sacrifice is the key concept that bridges citizenship and trust, according to Allen. She uncovers the ordinary, daily sacrifices citizens make to keep democracy working—and offers methods for recognizing and reciprocating those sacrifices. Trenchant, incisive, and ultimately hopeful, Talking to Strangers is nothing less than a manifesto for a revitalized democratic citizenry.

Each for himself or The two adventurers

My opinion is , that you ought to have been among your own people this morning
, " answered the old man , sternly ... and said , turning to Hetson , “ By the way , I '
ve something to tell you , that will interest you - you shall hear it as soon as that ...

Author: Friedrich Gerstäcker


ISBN: OXFORD:600055603

Category: California

Page: 427

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Apotheosis of My Butterfly

Are you afraid you will lose, or is it just a matter of maximizing your income and to
hell with anything I might want?” “I am only thinking of your best interests.” “Were
you thinking of my interests when you agreed to pay a facilitator four hundred ...

Author: Charles A. Shoemake

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469103129

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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Apotheosis of My Butterfly embraces death and renewal, leavened with humorous and insightful repartee about art, nature, and creativity. As Edouard and Melissa develop their butterfly garden they fight to maintain their marriage against internal doubt and external forces. Physical needs and medical treatment of amputees, sexuality, grief, and death, are described frankly. Managed care malfeasance foreshadows a dramatic medical malpractice settlement. Indictment of the medical and legal professions is pointed, and serves as both caution and support to readers undergoing similar struggles. Poignantly Apotheosis of My Butterfly portrays marriage and life celebration through work, determination, art and love.

My Life As An Abolitionist

In my reply I said: "I am a citizen, a native of the State; my interests are your
interests; your interests are my interests; and as a servant of the living God, and
deprecating, as I do, the institution of slavery in all its forms, I cannot pledge to
you that ...

Author: John Gregg Fee

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 9783849643911

Category: Social Science

Page: 211

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Berea College, Kentucky, had sprung from the labors of John Gregg Fee who, in the midst of turmoil and mob violence, had preached abolition in Kentucky in the years preceding the Civil war and in 1858-59 had established the school to assist in educating young people to a new view regarding slavery. The school was closed during the war but was reopened in 1865, admitting Negro as well as white students, of both sexes. This is the autobiography of John G. Fee.

A Phraseological Dictionary of Commercial Correspondence in the English German French Spanish Languagues with an Appendix Containing Lists of Commercial Abbreviations Geographical Names the Principal Articles of Commerce c

INTEREST . Your Mr . N . was here Ihr Herr N . war hier , um Ihr Interesse to
watch over your interest . ? I shall re - zu überwachen . Ich betrachte Ihr Ingard
your interests as my own . 3I consider teresse als das meinige . 3 Ich glaube ,
dass it ...

Author: Charles Scholl



Category: Commerce

Page: 898

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You value the continuation of our relationship, and you therefore have your own
interest in taking my interests into account. That is, you encapsulate my interests
in your own interests.' 29 This perception can be derived from three possible ...

Author: Geoffrey Hosking

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191022821

Category: History

Page: 256

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Today there is much talk of a 'crisis of trust'; a crisis which is almost certainly genuine, but usually misunderstood. Trust: A History offers a new perspective on the ways in which trust and distrust have functioned in past societies, providing an empirical and historical basis against which the present crisis can be examined, and suggesting ways in which the concept of trust can be used as a tool to understand our own and other societies. Geoffrey Hosking argues that social trust is mediated through symbolic systems, such as religion and money, and the institutions associated with them, such as churches and banks. Historically these institutions have nourished trust, but the resulting trust networks have tended to create quite tough boundaries around themselves, across which distrust is projected against outsiders. Hosking also shows how nation-states have been particularly good at absorbing symbolic systems and generating trust among large numbers of people, while also erecting distinct boundaries around themselves, despite an increasingly global economy. He asserts that in the modern world it has become common to entrust major resources to institutions we know little about, and suggests that we need to learn from historical experience and temper this with more traditional forms of trust, or become an ever more distrustful society, with potentially very destabilising consequences.

The Student Actor Prepares Acting for Life

Another confusing example is “My interests include cooking dogs and shopping.”
or “My interests include cooking, ... Or are your interests cooking, along with
interest in dogs, and you love going shopping? When you pick up a script, watch
the ...

Author: Gai Jones

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 9781783201907

Category: Education

Page: 440

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The Student Actor Prepares is a practical, interactive approach to a student actor’s journey. Each chapter includes acting principles, their importance to the process, and workbook entries for emotional work, script analysis, and applications to the study of theater. Topics cover a brief history of the art of acting and how the study of acting can be an advantage in numerous occupations; an actor’s discovery of emotional work; movement and mime practices for the act∨ vocal practices for the act∨ solo improvisational study; script analysis for the individual act∨ rehearsal tips; monologue work; original solo work; audition information; working with an acting partner or in a production; acting resources; and research topics.

The Parliamentary Debates v 1 41 Nov 1803

... his said majesty king William thesion of king James the 1st down to the pre3rd ,
was pleased to say , our interests sent ... her majesty queen Anne can for you , I
do nothing but that which was pleased to say , My interests and I am bound to ...

Author: Great Britain. Parliament


ISBN: MINN:31951D01083785U

Category: Great Britain


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The Parliamentary Debates from the Year 1803 to the Present Time

... his said majesty king William the sion of king James the 1st down to the pre3rd
, was pleased to say , our interests sent ... her majesty queen Anne can for you , I
do nothing but that which was pleased to say , My interests and I am bound to ...



ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000006918

Category: Great Britain


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Kiplinger s Personal Finance

Executives are much like other people in their own lines, not much like other
executives in other lines. Can my interests indicate my best career bet? Your
interests may have little to do with your abilities. Yet considered with other factors,
they ...





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The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.
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The ASD Workbook

Understanding Your Autism Spectrum Disorder Penny Kershaw. Activity. 7: Your.
interests. –. problems. and. benefits. List three problems that you might have with
your interests. What problems do my interests cause? 1.

Author: Penny Kershaw

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857004271

Category: Psychology

Page: 144

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A diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be confusing and overwhelming for all involved, and it can be difficult for parents to know how best to approach the subject with their child. This easy-to-use interactive workbook gives parents the help they need to explain ASDs to their child and provide practical and emotional support following diagnosis. Parents are invited to work through each chapter with their child as they grow older and go through adolescence, encouraging them to talk through how the ASD affects each area of their life, from making friends to problem-solving to planning a career. The information and advice is presented in a clear and positive way to help both parent and child understand more about what the diagnosis means for them. As the workbook is completed an invaluable record of development will be created for parent and child to look back on together. This hands-on workbook is an essential resource for parents and carers looking for guidance on explaining ASDs from diagnosis onwards to children aged 10 and up.

Senate documents

Mr. Sypher knew this whole question a year and more ago , and was simply there
to look after my interests . By the ACTING CHAIRMAN : Q. What are your interests
in this matter ? -A . My interests are considerable . I have been laboring under ...



ISBN: BSB:BSB11368863



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The Arrow of Sherwood

'As I understand it, you are to allow Jocelyn to remain with my uncle – at least
until you have sons of your own to assure their inheritance – and you ... Someone
has made promises on my behalf and against my interests to benefit the Viponts.

Author: Lauren Johnson

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473829688

Category: Fiction

Page: 306

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“This new version of the Robin Hood legend kept my attention and interest with every turn of the page. Read it and enjoy!”—The World Wide Robin Hood Society 1193. A crusader returns to his home in Nottinghamshire, to find that England has been torn between the land-owning Norman lords and their English subjects, the country crippled by years of taxation and the long absence of its king. The crusader’s name is Robin of Locksley. Following a youth spent with lowborn friends Robin is determined to settle into the role his father wanted for him: a lord dispensing justice to the county. But a false rumor of his death in the East has stolen Robin’s lands from him, and the justice meted out by his fellow lords hardly seems to deserve the name. When Robin is compelled by a neighboring lord to condemn his childhood friends for a crime they did not commit, he realizes that he must choose between the need to regain his lost inheritance and his desire to help the commoners of Nottinghamshire. In this lucidly imagined and carefully researched recreation of the era of King Richard “the Lionheart,” Robin seeks the support of common-born and noble to defy the self-serving lords who oppose him, but it soon becomes clear that he can accomplish more outside the law than within it . . . In this her first novel, Lauren Johnson offers “a unique blend of legend, history, genuine characters, and page-turning storytelling . . . a realistic take on this magical myth” ( “Addictive and absorbing.”—Medieval Warfare

Parliamentary Debates

... pleased to say , • our interests sent reign , both inclusive ; and that in are
inseparable , and there is nothing 1 particular ... 1702 , her majesty queen Anne ·
can for you , I do nothing but that which was pleased to say , “ My interests and I
am ...



ISBN: BSB:BSB10279365



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Joseph Butler Fifteen Sermons and other writings on ethics

Benevolence, however, aims at the good of others, and so seems directly
opposed to self-interest. Butler's exposition of the ... It falsely presupposes that
the more I promote your interests, the less I am advancing my own. Butler has
already ...

Author: David McNaughton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780191080463

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

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Joseph Butler's Fifteen Sermons (1729) is a classic work of moral philosophy, which remains widely influential. The topics Butler discusses include the role of conscience in human nature, self-love and egoism, compassion, resentment and forgiveness, and love of our neighbour and of God. The text of the enlarged and corrected second edition is here presented together with a selection of Butler's other ethical writings: A Dissertation of the Nature of Virtue, A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords, and relevant extracts from his correspondence with Samuel Clarke. While this is a readers' edition that avoids cluttering Butler's text with textual variants and intrusive footnotes, it comes complete with scholarly apparatus intended to aid the reader in studying Butlers work in depth. David McNaughton contributes a substantial historical and philosophical introduction that highlights the continuing importance of these works. In addition, there are extensive notes at the end of the volume, including significant textual variants, and full details of Butler's sources and references, as well as short summaries of Butler's predecessors, and a selective bibliography. This will be the definitive resource for anyone interested in Butler's moral philosophy.

Votes Proceedings

And in your opinion are the interests of all the parties concerned in the land
properly protected under the Bill ? ... So as to derive an income from the land for
the benefit of your children ? Yes . ... No , not my interest in regard to the copper
mine .

Author: New South Wales. Parliament. Legislative Council


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119246366

Category: New South Wales


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The Anglo American Telegraphic Code to Cheapen Telegraphy and to Furnish a Complete Cypher

Cannot protect you Cannot protect your interests .I ( we ) will protect it My note
falls due please protect it Please protect my draft ( at ) Please protect my interests
.To protect Will protect you Will protect your interest Will protect your interests if ...




Category: Cipher and telegraph codes

Page: 470

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Devotion to a Community

“It is our interests to help you find a particular advantage, and to help you with
your family's needs.” “It is always grateful to try a ... You took my $600.00 to
advertise my store, and no customers showed up,” Anderson told Morris. “You
gave me ...

Author: Lefranc Guerin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469143286

Category: Self-Help

Page: 105

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The three devoted families had the same ambitions and followed the same path. They have many things in common, but the best one is the devotion they have to God. The devotees abandoned a several activities to observe the Gods commandments. The family of Saladin Guerin, Anderson Monfleury, and Morris Charles had a great attachment to each other, as well, a great devotion to their community. In the Town of Spring Hill Valley, where they lived, they gathered in their community to help the needy people when it was required. The three families were a prosperous group that always tried to understand the problem of each other. They lay gathering their thoughts together and gathered themselves for a tremendous leap. With their devotion to the community, it implied to bring widely scattered things or people to one place but with no particular arrangement. To gather three families in a lonely group, they must have the same ambitions as well as the same devotion. Saladin, Anderson, and Morris were the three families who had the same vision by sharing the similar location, religions, and other attribute. The devotees lived near each other and had a one common interest. Specifically, Saladin Guerin was the one who devoted his life in the religious observance or prayer 100%. With the real love he had for God, he became the church clerk. His performance had promoted him to be assistance manager.